Short Introduction 
  Helma's Top Dolls is a webshop specialized in collector dolls, like the
  Annette Himstedt dolls. Helma's Top Dolls took over the activities of
  former Kay Poppenatelier which was a doll shop in the centre of 
Gorinchem in the Netherlands. After Annette Himstedt stopped the 
  production of her dolls we closed our shop in 2009. We went on with our  webshop under a new better fitting name "Helma's Top Dolls". Ofcourse with the same passion and service like you used to have when it was Kay Poppenatelier.

Here a short impression of what we experienced the last decades:

       From 1989 till 2009 Doll shop in Gorinchem
   - started with the production of porcelain dolls
     giving lessons in making dolls and much more
  -  It did not take long before the Annette Himstedt dolls
     became our main article
  -  we have sold; Annette Himstedt, Steiff, RobertTonner,
     Götz, Zapf, Zwergnase, Käthe Kruse, Heidi Ott, and 
     several other brand dolls. 


    In April 1999 the famous illusionist Hans Klok (the fastest
    magician of the world)  was our guest of honour on our 
    10 years celebration.





  On 1 July 1999 Annette Himstedt visited our shop in Gorinchem
  and did a signing party.
  This was fantastic, a lot of happy people, it surely was a






  On 13 October 2001 Nicole Marschollek (Zwergnase) 
  was our guest of honour on our 12½ year jubilee.










  On 6 September 2007 we went to the 
  Annette Himstedt Manufaktur in 
  Paderborn, Germany, with a touring car
  full of doll collectors . It was a very
  special and wonderful day.









  On 31 July 2009 we closed our shop
  after more than 20 years.











  But everything still goes on, through  
  the webshop. 







   In 2021 we took over the Annette Himstedt Repairs and  
  Parts from Hedi Allgeier.









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