In 2021 we were approached by Hedi Allgeier from Germany to take over the Annette Himstedt doll repairs from her.
We thought this was a very nice idea and also completely suit us and that is why we took it over from her.
The work studio is now in order and we are busy with all kinds of repairs of Annette Himstedt dolls.
Here are some pictures:

Repair arm from Becki:


Replace the eyes of Mirte:

Lihle's Damaged Forehead Repair:

Repair of Aleta's shoulder joint

Morgana new painting and new eyes 


Moonstar new crown, new eyes new paint 



If you have an Annette Himstedt doll that has something broken, or has discoloured eyes, loose or missing eyelashes, a broken joint or another problem, we can repair it for you.
We have many different parts for the dolls, especially from the years 2006 to 2008.
We also have some of older dolls, but there are so many different dolls and not all parts of all dolls are available anymore.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide a quote for a repair in advance, because it is often impossible to see exactly which parts are broken and need to be replaced.
We can't see that until we can see the doll in real life.
If you want to have your Annette Himstedt doll repaired, you can send me an email with pictures or via Whatsapp. 0031 610 68 80 79

Kind regards, Helma van Lingen